What is MUS-C05?

MUS-C05 is a fictional universe where my characters and stories take place.
Although it parallels the universe we live in at this moment, there are many oddities that occur:

Floating entitiesSeveral floating species have been spotted. Their true purpose is unknown but they are mostly vibing and exploring several planets when they are ready.

Spirit streamlinesThey are strings of unknown matter that flow through space. Some theorize that it is a method of travel for spirits that inhabit the afterlife.

CELE5Celestial guardians that keep MUS-CO5 intact. They are superior than Angels and Demons that are in Paradise and Inferno. They cannot be seen by mortal beings, but some can sense their energies nearby.

The SealIf my works relate to MUS-C05, you will see these logos at the beginning credits:

The seals will have some color variants. The various colors indicate a certain time period:

The story takes place in a distant past
Notable Works:

The story takes place during/post contemporary age (1945-present)
Notable Works:

The story takes place in the distant future
Notable Works:

The story is an alternate timeline or a fantasy scenario.
Notable Works:

The MUS-C05 is slowly growing with more stories (static and interactive) in the future.